The Company

Where we started

We started back in the 80s -- 1984 to be precise.  Some might say it wasn’t a great decade for fashion, but we didn’t seem to think so.  After a brief stint at an export house, Indu Kumar started her own proprietorship business in a small room in Tughlaqabad, New Delhi with only 1 master tailor and 5 other staff members.  With a capacity of about 2,000 pieces a month, Indu’s Exports started with home furnishings and quickly moved on to fashion accessories including hats, bags, belts and scarves. 

With its superior textiles and unparalleled craftsmanship, India is one of the leading garment manufacturers in the world – in other words, a very tough market for exporters. 

And yet 30 years later, here we are.  

Where we are now

Moving on to garments was organic.  Kalindi Harnal joined her mother in 1995, and since then Indu’s Exports has come a long way.  Today we specialise in woven and hosiery garments, with a core competence in high-end fashion with detailed workmanship.  Kalindi has been responsible for expanding the company’s reach into Europe, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and South America. 

With new business, the company needed a much larger workspace.  So we went out and got ourselves a nice big factory in the heart of India’s garment export district.  With state-of-the-art equipment, we have a manufacturing capacity of up to 30,000 pieces a month.

We work with over 100 craftsmen, and our core team of master tailors and administrative staff have been a part of the family for over 15 years.   

We recently launched our private label - THE LABEL IE - a collection of our work through the year.  For more information on it, email us on